Our Core Team specializes in five primary areas; Risk Management, Construction Program Management, Military Defense, Alternative Energy Engineering and Permaculture. Professional Risk Managers, Architects, engineers, project managers, and security specialists; including Special Operation Forces-X Green Beret and Navy Seals. Our methodology and approach is to professionally, confidentially and cost effectively, locate strategic terrain and consult, assess, design, construct, train, and provide active defense planning for Self Sustaining Survival Communities located thought the world. Our survival sanctuaries are developed using an enterprise risk management approach that mitigates a wide variety of potential threats and disasters including, Armed Assaults, Chemical, Biological, Radiological explosives, Martial Law, World War 3, Pole Shift or TEOTWAYKI (the end of the world as you know it) It is improbable to think one can protect against 100% of all threats all the time, however deployment of our enterprise risk management program greatly reduces the global risk of attacks and disasters, and gives the best chance for your families survival. The owners of each facility will understand the strength and limitations of each design, and trained on appropriate countermeasures in the event of attack or disaster. Our Risk Management Consulting and Construction Services can be custom tailored to the client’s specific needs and budget to include full Risk Assessment, land acquisition and design including full construction build agreement or working as part of a team with your general contractor.


We organize, design, develop and manage self-sufficient, life sustaining off the grid survival sanctuaries and resorts, providing security and peace of mind to families and small communities of conscious like-minded people.



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Jay VonSpreck

  Our Founder

Jay VonSpreck has a diverse background including consulting the Fortune 500 Industry and United States Government in Global Risk Management and Competitive Intelligence Services for over a decade. Many projects were he was involved were classified and required a high-level security clearance his experience working with Government expanded his knowledge and Insight into the true state of international and domestic affairs. Jay’s first hand exposure to the inner working and strategic plans of the government has given him a clear vision of the truth and a look into the future. We are currently in what Jay describes as a transition period which our government has currently been planning and preparing for several years.

Jay’s first hand experience and awareness of the truthful motives and intentions of our government leaders, has created a burning desire to do more, a proactive sense of urgency to take action now in order to protect his family, friends, and loved ones during the transition period and provide a survival blueprint for others to follow.

Jay’s spiritual activism and awareness of the true state of affairs has led him to create “survival sanctuary” a blue print for self sufficiency a place were like minded people in harmony and collaboration can experience the upmost privacy and security and peace of mind. A place of abundance and prosperity, a place of health and wellness a place of fun, a place you will love to call home.