We respect your rights of privacy and maintain a strict Confidentiality policy during every phases of our relationship. Our Security and Privacy are very important to us we take them very seriously. The Identities or our current clients as well as prospective ones are classified in addition to the exact location of each Survival Sanctuary.

As a security measure to protect the privacy of staff and residents at each survival sanctuary the exact locations of the properties available for sale will be given only to actual buyers.

Everyone who is granted access to any of the facilities (including staff or construction crews, investors, buyers) must sign a strict binding non-disclosure agreement, details of the location, infrastructure, strategic terrain, contents, Identity of residence or staff is strictly prohibited.

Our Policy regarding qualified buyers, a Liquidity Verification or Bank letter of Credit must be obtained prior to showing. The nearest airport information will be provided in addition to ground transportation to and from the location. The tour usually takes 2-3 hours.

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