Are you some cult are militia group running around the woods with guns?

No, In fact we are quite the opposite our community of peaceful compassionate and loving community members, who are aware and concerned about the current state of affairs in our country and wish to live in peace and harmony without war. In fact our community has filed a Declaration Of Peace that has been entered into and registered in International Law Jurisdiction.

How have you legally structured ownership?

All lands and property are placed in International Private Trust and operate outside the U.S. Jurisdiction of Admiralty or Roman Maritime Law, by moving the land and its assets into a higher private International Jurisdiction we have removed the governments current legal authority to land grab “confiscate” our land since all land and assets of American citizens have been pledged as collateral to foreign nations against the National Debt.

How Much Are Annual Association Dues\Membership Fees?

Survival Sanctuary charges a monthly assessment fee to all owner members for maintenance of common area, Health and wellness fitness center, back up energy systems, and security details can be found in By-Laws. Assessment fees may very between each geographic location, amenities and construction development plan, typically fees will average $500.00 Per month.

How many people in each survival sanctuary community?

There are 100-300 people in each community, however certain developments can very depending on land specifications and build design.

What Happens in the event of Economic Collapse?

Survival Sanctuary is developed based on 0 point economics and therefore are prepared to survive a economic collapse indefinitely or until economic stability is returned to that specific region. All owner member payments and assessment fees will be suspended until socio-economic condition improves and economic recovery

Guest Policy

All guests must be pre-approved and pre-registered and go through security screening process.

Selling Property

All property owners who want to sell must market the property through Survival Sanctuary fiduciary agent under strict non-disclosure and confidentially. Or sell the property back to Survival Sanctuary for 20% below current market value.

How will I know when to bug out to my survival sanctuary?

A detailed bug-out plan will be provided to you, once you have been accepted into the community. Some disasters give little or no advance warring however most do provide a window of opportunity that will allow you to reach the safe-zone.

What if there is no advance warring and I cannot reach the Survival Sanctuary?

It is your responsibility to reach the safe zone or extraction point detailed in your plan. Deployment of extraction teams “private military escorts” with armored vehicle and or helicopter can be pre-arranged for owner\members who are concerned about not being able to reach the safe zone in time of disaster.