Each Survival Sanctuary location is chosen based on scientific research, and predictive evidence based analysis. Risk Management Assessments of both man-made and natural disasters including but not limited to likelihood of; Coup d’etat, Domestic and International Terrorism, Nuclear War, EMP strike, Super Volcanic Eruption, Pole shift. etc.




According to ancient esoteric cosmology, which also has been gradually underpinned by mainstream science, life in the universe is created, destroyed, controlled and shaped by natural cycles and sub-cycles of different amplitude and time range. Those cycles repeat themselves constantly like a cosmic ballet, following the evolutionary scheme or cosmic plane.

Due to the gravitational pull of other celestial bodies on Earth, the axis of our planet is tilted; and the slow changes in the orientation of the rotational axis (axial precession or precession of the equinoxes) are the main cause for the existence of those cycles. A whole precessional cycle lasts about 26,000 years, and involves stages of gradual changes on Earth, not only climatic and biological, but also in consciousness of mankind. Although those changes are difficult to grasp because of our limited biological existence (about 100 years), they become clear when studying geological records. For instance, as a recent example, the Sahara, which is the world’s largest desert, some 1000 years ago, was fertile grassland. However, this desert has an important role in keeping other ecosystems. For example, Phosphorus carried in Saharan dust to the Amazon rainforest each year turns out to be just enough to replace that lost from the rainforest due to rain and flooding. Iron from Saharan dust also helps to fertilize the Atlantic Ocean. Iron is essential for phytoplankton growth with suck up carbon dioxide from our atmosphere and produces most of our oxygen. In cycles of smaller amplitude, the perception of this periodicity becomes more tangible: Seasonal, e.g. the earth has a clear pattern of wind circulation that results from the effect of the earth’s rotation and the way that the heat of the sun is distributed. It has become easier to view these cycles and patterns because of photos that can now be taken from satellites orbiting the earth. These global patterns cause weather to occur in cycles-the typhoons that are generated from the China Sea and affect Southeast Asia-the hurricanes that begin in the Caribbean and affect the southeastern United States and Central America- the tornadoes that travel through the American Midwest.

Tidal, as the ocean tides go in and back out along Earth’s major shorelines. Daily, like dark and light or night that follows day. Circadian rhythms like women’s monthly menstrual cycle, to sleep and awake, hibernation, migration patterns, etc. Those rhythms allow organisms to anticipate and prepare for precise and regular environmental changes, enabling them to best capitalize on environmental resources (e.g. light and food). Everything is interconnected; and change is constant, nothing stays the same.

Cycles and periodicity might also have been the cradle for precognition, i.e. the psychic ability to foresee events before they occur. Studies have already proven that humans and animals can sense events and energy sources that are beyond the reach of the five senses. As we are aware, many people are reporting having the feeling that something big it is about to happen.

In addition, space weather, e.g. solar wind, Earth’s conditions in the magnetosphere and ionosphere are becoming a crescent issue. The Earth’s North and South Poles have shifted many times before. A geological phenomenon or axial shift in which the Earth’s crust literally slips around its molten core – like a ball spinning on a roulette wheel – altering the positions of land masses with respect to the planet’s rotation on its axis.

Upheavals in the Arctic and Antarctic regions will cause once again the eruption of volcanoes and super storms.

Antarctica and Iceland could wind up at the equator and many geographic cities like Miami will be buried beneath the ocean, Less than 10% of the worlds current landmass containing 1% of the world’s population we be considered a safe zone when the next major pole shift happens.

Actually, as mentioned before we are very close to the end of a main cycle, also called Kali-Yuga or dark cycle by Vedic cosmology, in which, chaos, catastrophes and huge life losses are predicted. The transition period is expected to last at least seven years, before the new golden cycle will start.

Top researchers, psychics, and remote viewers in the world, agencies like the CIA, NASA have been studying those natural phenomena for decades, knowing that is not a matter of if but when. Secret underground cities have been constructed by order of the elite royal families and many of the world’s governments. The Military and Intelligence communities from dozens of countries including the U.S. Navy have developed New World Maps of remaining land mass after the shift. (See Photo Above)

This transition period is of major concern; once life as we know will completely change. The electrical grid will be down, food and resources will be scarce, chaos and despair will reign. Those who will have the privilege to live in a sanctuary will learn a new way of living and adapt. Indeed, one of the lessons we learn from old shamans is to live this worldly experience to the fullest and make it worth it.


 Map of Potential Nuclear Targets in USA


Survival Sanctuary through extensive scientific research and remote viewing has determined safe zones all over the world; Including North and South America Canada and Europe, and has acquired land in certain locations to develop survival colonies. The following locations and colonies will be developed in phases starting with North America. There are pockets of safe zones located on every continent, however there are exact locations in certain countries, cities and states that require precise geographic co-ordinance. It should not be assumed that entire states, cities and regions will be safe, in some cases only certain towns will be considered for colonization.