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SURVIVAL SANCTUARY strategic locations are designed to prosper when disasters strikes, we offer our community members SECURITY and PEACE of MIND in addition to the following resort amenities.

  • Energy Systems 100% Off the Grid Wind, Solar, Hydro
  • Fresh Spring Water Supply
  • Slow Sand Water Filtration System
  • Private Air Strip Access
  • 2 years Emergency Food Supply provided each member
  • Emergency Medical Staff
  • Military Grade Security Control Center and Staff
  • Fitness and Wellness Center
  • Spa and healing Center
  • Helipad
  • Meditation Yoga & Marital Arts Center
  • Shooting and Archery Range
  • Education Learning Center and Library
  • Theater
  • Horse Stables
  • 200 archers of Gardens and Orchards
  • Leading Permaculture System
  • Aquaponics and Green House systems
  • Property access to over 20,000 archers of prime Hunting Property, stocked with White Tail Deer and Wild Turkey.
  • Miles of ATV off road trails
  • Ponds stocked with fish
  • Secure data storage
  • Cyber Cafe
**Note-Amenities may vary at each Survival Sanctuary location



Each Survival Sanctuary will include a Security Command Center utilizing current advanced radar and security warning systems, including use of infrared and drone technology that serve to notify 24-7 Military Grade Security.

Our Security Members are trained professionals and true warriors chosen for moral courage, honor and duty that services his family. Preserving the peace is the conscious, ultimate aim of a true warrior. However we Exercise cautious compassion with the safety off!

In addition extraction teams “private military escorts” with armored vehicle and helicopter can be arranged for community members who are concerned about not being able to reach the safe zone in time during disaster, EMP strike social unrest, etc.

Please contact us for more information and cost.