The goal of each community is to recruit and train conscious people “Human Assets” with diverse knowledge and skill set; farmers, doctors, teachers, engineers, survivalist, warriors, builders, scientist, etc. Who work together for the common goal of Survival!

Money will not qualify you or buy you residency at Survival Sanctuary, it is an exclusive membership based community. You must submit an application outlining your value added skill set and resources offered to the community. Upon favorable admissions decision by our board, you are invited to become resident and purchase Earth Home and Subterranean Survival Shelter in one or more of our Survival Sanctuary Communities. Survival Sanctuary applicants may qualify to receive up to 100% subsidy for the purchase of Earth Home or Subterranean shelter based on value added skill set, community needs and economic status. In addition single applicants can request dormitory living quarters.

We are currently actively organizing and recruiting conscious “Human Assets” for the North America Locations and are in need of a diverse skill set including doctors, dentist and security personal. All Applicants must submit a video or written essay outlining their skill set, resources and value added they bring to the community. Explain why you or your Family should be selected into the Survival Sanctuary Community.

We are looking for the best of the best “human beings” with elite talent in their chosen field to join our exclusive Survival Sanctuary Community. “Talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see.” If you have what it takes and a strong will to survive fear no death for together we are ONE!

Provide an overview of your skills, a Resume of formal and informal training, specialized knowledge, know how; your value added services you can offer a survival community in a time of need or disaster.

Weather you are a Survivalist, Farmer, Doctor, Teacher, Builder, Engineer, Scientist, Artist, Musician, Military etc. Be specific as it pertains to your knowledge, skills, and expertise.